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Oh players of mine, let me know which of the following you would prefer for the campaign after we finish Ravenloft…

MAGIC: High (Everyone’s some form of mage – bards replace rogues, pallys replace fighters, etc.) OR Medium (As conventional DND) OR Low (Like Lord of the Rings – some wizards, which are powerful, but they’re not exactly on every street corner XF)

FANTASY: High (Think Narnia. Talking animals, latent magic, the whole shebang) OR Medium (Again, conventional DND) OR Low (Robin Hood or King Arthur – probably limited to humans, only realistic enemies [and as such no goblins, mind flayers, dragons etc.]).

RACES: Any races from the PHB you want removed? Any others you want added? I’m thinking of putting in Gremlins, sort of like Medium-sized goblins which aren’t necessarily evil – just chaotic.

VARIABLE CAMPAIGN: Dyou want a campaign with any of the following special circumstances? 1) Players are all undead. 2) Campaign takes place primarily at sea. 3) Military-based campaign [characters are soldiers in an army, or mercs working for an army, and follow orders {loose or specific – ‘defend that hill’ or ‘assassinate the goblin chief Timmy and make it look like Jimbo did it}]. This can be further broken down – traditional [as in LoTR or whatever – groups of soldiers fighting other groups of soldiers] or modern [implementing small squads, the equivalent of tanks {golems?}, fighters {hippogriff riders}, bombers {dragons} and paratroopers {mages with teleport}. Much more tactical, much more hit-or-miss. could rock, could suck horribly.] Feel free to make suggestions.

CAMPAIGN FOCUS: Dyou want a high presence of undead? Dragons prevalent in the world, as rulers, as a common race, whatever? High influence of Angels/Devils/Demons? etc.

GAME TYPE: High Roleplaying? Pure Hack’n’Slash with essentially no plot? Riddles or Traps involved? Horror campaign? Limited resources? Mercenary group? Soldiers? High difficulty?

LEVEL: At start, I mean. Continue with characters from Ravenloft? Create new characters at level 1? Create new characters at a level that isn’t necessarily one?

Hit me with ideas, responses, whatever. Just need to know where to go. If you don’t say anything and you don’t like the campaign I make, well that’s your problem.

Home Page

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