Emerald Blades

Mercenary Guild in the city of Baryn. PCs are a part of the guild for the duration of the campaign.

Rivals with Crimson Dragons.

Ideology: Believe that reputation (for success, for efficiency, for power etc.) is as important as the money earned from jobs they take up; therefore, they refuse many openly illegal jobs and several missions which could place them in a negative light. Thus, they come across as ‘good’, despite their reasoning revolving more around good business than idealism. Will work for free if for a cause that gives good publicity and increases future business, if the client can’t pay.

Favored Classes: Overall, the guild favors the roguish and arcane over the divine and the tactless, and promotes versatility among its members. Thus, mixed combat classes like the hexblade and the ranger are more common than fighters, and warlocks and bards are at least as common as wizards and sorcerers are. Rogues and scouts and spellthieves are also prevalent. The guild contains few (if any) barbarians, monks, druids and paladins. Those that are members are accepted because of their existing reputation, which can greatly aid business for the guild. Most clerics that are members revere the Red Knight.

Resources: Approx. 10,000 gp worth of treasure, valuables, etc., this value remains fairly steady as the income from missions is balanced out by the pay to members.

Members: Guild Leader: Belirith, 15th level Beguiler; Two commanders, Vairen 12th level hexblade and Pyr 11th level Warlock; eight Lieutenants (two EB Hexblade Lt, a EB Warlock Lt, a EB Spellthief Lt, a EB Rogue Lt, a EB Cleric Lt, a EB Ranger Lt, a EB Bard Lt) level 8, various soldiers levels 1-6.

Ranks: Initiate – Member – Lieutenant – Commander – Guild Leader

Bonuses: Initiate – free food/bedding, 100 gp/mission for consumables (each); Member – +200gp/mission for consumables, occasional mission-specific gifts, free healing between missions; Lieutenant – +500gp/mission for consumables, combat training vs. SPECIES (+1 attack/damage); Commander – +200gp/mission for consumables, bring guild members as backup (CR X); Guild Leader – Control of the guild

Emerald Blades

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