Crimson Dragons

Mercenary Guild centered in Baryn. Primary competition of Emerald Blades. Frequently compete for contracts, missions etc. and this rivalry has evolved into mutual dislike.

Ideology: Believe in completing the mission, no matter the cost. If expenses exceed funding, they demand more compensation from the client. This, combined with their members’ frequent ruthlessness and brutality, is the primary reason they are not quite as favored as their rivals, the Emerald Blades, despite having more funding and more and better soldiers. Still, their reputation for getting the job done without asking questions nets them many clients, often on the… shadier side of the law.

Favored Classes: Fighter, Barbarian, Cleric, Sorcerer, Ranger, Warmage, Swashbuckler, Scout. The Crimson Dragons favor soldiers that can get the job done – usually through direct application of overwhelming firepower.

Resources: Approx. 12000GP of various treasures and magical items.

Members: Guild Leader – 17th Level Stonelord; 4 Captains (14th Level Swashbuckler, 13th Level Fighter, 12th Level Barbarian, 12th Level Sorcerer); 8 Lieutenants (2 11th level Clerics, 10th Level Scout, 10th Level Warmage, 2 9th Level Fighters, 9th Level Barbarian, 9th Level Ranger); various soldiers level 1-8.

Ranks: Recruit – Soldier – Lieutenant – Captain – Guild Leader

Crimson Dragons

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