City from which PCs are based. Located in the country of Farador, which is staying a dedicated neutral in the war between its neighbors Tyssyth and Vesadix (although the mercenary guilds within the city are free to offer their services to either faction).

Primary alignment of the citizens is Lawful Neutral.

Technically, Baryn is a Small City with a port and an approximate population of 7000. Normally there would be a 15000 GP limit on goods in the town; however, being a port city with focus on commerce and business, the limit is raised to 25000.

Ruled by an elected council of 10 guild leaders (see below).

Primary races are Humans, Gnomes, Half-Elves; many Dwarfs and Halflings visit to trade; few Elves in the area.

City has 80 fulltime guards/law enforcement: 60 typical warriors, 15 typical fighters, 5 leaders/commanders etc. However, this does not include privately-hired muscle, professional mercenaries, etc., which the city is famed for its quality and quantity of. The primary reason NAME is declared neutral is because that way it can make the largest profit, selling supplies and soldiers to both sides.

Common mercenary classes: Hexblade, Warrior, Fighter, Bard, Rogue, Cleric, Sorcerer, Warmage, Swashbuckler. Some Scouts, Spellthieves, Wizards, Rangers, Warlocks. Few Barbarians, Druids, Paladins, Monks due to alignment/habitat/rituals/beliefs.

Common/Prominent Guilds: Alchemy, Architect, Entertainment, Mercenary (Emerald Blades, players are a part of this guild), Mercenary (Crimson Dragons, their rivals), Cartographer, Scribe, Smith, Animal Tender, Crafting. Leaders of each of these guilds are members of the City Council.


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